Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Thessaloniki, the eternal crossroads between the East and West, is famous for its tradition of good food and speciality dishes. This historic city that is characterized by multiculturalism has left its footprint on international cuisine, creating the famous “Thessaloniki” variety of flavours. The key pillars, on which the local cuisine is based, are on the one side, the classical local Mediterranean cuisine and the taste habits of the people who have lived in the city for centuries, and on the other side, the spicy and sweet oriental cooking that arrived along with the refugees from the depths of the East, the Minor Asia and Istanbul, and was consolidated with them. The “patsas” soup (tripe soup), an imported “gift” from the Constantinopolitan cuisine, is the most famous example.

As well as are the Constantinople sweets. The creamy and syrupy desserts of each type of sweets are definitely worth trying, such as the “kazan dipi” (Thessaloniki’s special variation of crème brûlée), the “churros”, the “baklava”, the “Seker pare” (or “navel of the hanum (the Lady)”), the “halva, the “saragli”, the “ekmek kantaifi” or “samali” (sweet made with semolina and almonds). Sweets, moreover, have a large share in the city’s gastronomic palette. We also definitely enjoy the famous “trigona” (triangles) of Panorama, the famous pastries of the city, and Thessaloniki’s pies with sweet cream served with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

In Thessaloniki, of course, we can try pies of all kinds, such as the famous pies with cheese, and minced meat, and of course countless other types of pies. We can also taste cheese pies made by using various doughs, or with other baking fillings, other than cheese, e.g. spinach pies, sausage pies, milk pies, pumpkin pies, and onion pies, which are a tasty temptation. In the restaurants, taverns, and “ouzeri” (ouzo taverns) you can find characteristic special flavours and variety of dishes, from roasts and delicacies like skewer, kebabs, meatballs from Smyrni, “tzigerosarma”, “pastrami”, “gardoumpes”, smoked pork, stuffed spleens, and a great variety of delicious snacks and appetizers that will not leave anyone unmoved.

Thessaloniki, as a coastal city, is ideal for tasting seafood. You can try virtually any type of seafood in this famous port city, from fried prawns and grilled sardines, to rice with mussels, fruits of the sea, stuffed squid, and cod. Finally, it is worth trying the famous “Koulouri” (Sesame Bagel) of Thessaloniki, which can be the tasty end a night of clubbing, or the nourishing start of a new day. There are many places where you can enjoy the city’s flavours, such as the “Ladadika” district, Modiano Square, Athonos Square, the “Kapani”, the Upper Town, and the areas of Aretsou, and Nea Krini, and also in the nearby coastal towns and villages of the Thermaikos.

Local Cuisine
Local Cuisine
Local Cuisine

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