Seros Restaurant

The restaurant’s creators looked for the best ingredients from all over the world, and with inspiration created unique suggestions for “signature plates & cocktails” of premium quality, which exceed by far the currently applicable taste standards.

The Garden

Our new specially designed The Garden, in the courtyard, is ready to welcome hotel guests as well as visitors for coffee, drinks or food throughout the day.

This new area combines a natural setting with quality services, in line with all the necessary rules of safety and hygiene.
The Garden is also ideal for cocktail receptions and special events.

Opening Hours: 09:00 -23:00

Marco Polo Bar

At the hotel’s lobby, there is the “Marco Polo” lounge bar; an ideal place to meet with other people and enjoy spirits, cocktails, coffee, and beverages.The “Marco Polo” lounge bar is the ideal meeting point for all occasions!

Greek Breakfast

The “Greek Breakfast” is an inspirational feast of colours and flavors from the Greek land. The Grand Hotel Palace highlights the gastronomical treasures of Greece by offering top-quality products right from the heart of the Mediterranean cuisine.



The Health Fitness Center offers the perfect escape from your daily challenges and activities, the standard infant and toddler swimming program titled “Pirates of the pool”, our Indoor Pool is an excellent place to swim laps and relax.


Enjoy a magnificent gastronomical trip across the globe at the award-winning “Seros Restaurant”, meet with other people and enjoy spirits, cocktails, coffee, and beverages at the “Marco Polo” lounge bar and taste the “Greek Breakfast”. It's an inspirational feast of colours and flavours from the Greek land.


Explore the unique city of Thessaloniki from the White Tower to the Arch of Galerius and from Byzantine Museum to Ladadika. Enjoy the delicious cuisine and taste the local dishes.

Grand Hotel Palace is a five star hotel in Thessaloniki. Grand Hotel Palace is located at a central point at the entrance of the city and has a total capacity of 258 rooms and suites in modern or classic style distributed on the six floors of the neoclassical building of unique architecture. Grand Hotel Palace is the biggest Conference Hotel in Thessaloniki with 13 elegant and multi-purpose conference halls & meeting rooms.


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